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At right is a mixed media piece in progress that I did called i am i. It was the main image I used to promote the exhibition of the same name. "I am I" is about how "I" can also be the same as "We.".

Sharing heroes, capturing memory

This exhibition art has arisen from my admiration of public and personal heroes and a fascination with the impact they have made on humanity. Collecting and reproducing archival photographs and stories has always been a beloved and habitual activity of mine, and in graduate school, this branch extended from my "art tree."

I hope to provoke thought about the condition of humanity and choose to highlight historic pop culture legends because they represent a special social momentum that has affected, connected and imprinted culture. I also like to explore very personal, private relationships with heroes; my Jamaica Proverbs series touches on and stems from personal loss, love, enlightenment and wisdom.

These large and small mixed media collages merge my own technical experiences and fascination with history, dream imagery, color and texture. For more information about me and my fine art, please visit the About and Exhibition sections of this website.