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At right is a screen print design for a hoody I did in whiile at Catch A Fire by Cedella Marley. There, I helped manage design and production for several product lines with Cedella and teams of artists.

I love graphic design.

From concept to completion, I have design experience in corporate and specialty marketing, advertising, non-profits, print production and events. I can jump onboard an existing theme or help you create a totally unique brand that will help your project or business of any size succeed.



I'm interested in all kinds of projects– you can browse them at the left for ideas or email me something else to estimate. And if you don't have any ideas, I'm happy to help you with that, too. Relax– this is where projects get done! And not only that, projects get done well, with polish, professionalism and expertise.



ital art offers 20 years of Florida-based experience and has access to great printing services for both small and large quantities in high- or low-end formats:

• Graphic Design and file preparation using Mac OS and Adobe Creative Suite for print and web

• Print Production, Registry & Publication (POD)

• Art Direction & Project Consultation

• Photography

• Editorial Advisement, Copywriting and Proofreading