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Exhibit opened on September 7-28, 2012 in the Wynwood Art District (Miami, Fl) at the University of Miami Gallery. At right, Josephine Baker and Jimi Hendrix plate plaques.


Bryan Allen Moore / Mariah Fox (2012)

University of Miami Gallery, 2750 NW 3rd Ave, Suite 4. (Wynwood Building)
September 7-28, 2012. Opening reception: September 8, 2-10pm.

In these times of trouble, Mariah Fox's Alphabet of Heroes reminds us that cultural icons have inspired social change since the earliest of times. This colorful compilation celebrates the imprint of historical and popular artists, thinkers, rebels and revolutionaries. From Geronimo to John Lennon, Mariah Fox portrays the greatest and most controversial figures of the 20th and 21st centuries by showing them ready for action, in repose, dreaming, alive. Visitors to the exhibit will see playful mixed media displays combining digital prints, paint, clay and texts honoring the power of the written word.