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Me in New York, paying my respects in 2007 to the John Lennon Imagine memorial in Central Park and the Dakota Building.

Artist Statement

I was raised among books, stories, writers, musicians and artists. The ideologies my parents shared in the 1960s made a large impression on me, partly because of where they chose to live. Growing up in small town Northern New Mexico and Saint Mary, Jamaica, I came to value history, culture and awareness of the human condition. In both of these places I was educated on the exquisite beauty and twisted pains of life. In my two homes, I've seen "old ways" fall apart, making way for new worlds filled with technology and rapid change. Since childhood, I have been influenced and surrounded by symbolism from daily life, especially history, religion, proverbs, publishing, music and folk art.

I am fascinated by the presence, portrayal and celebration of heroes throughout history, in experiences both intimate and collective. The spirit, words and work of my subjects lives and inspires my daily thoughts. These visual narratives are made in celebration of memory, legacy and social awareness. They are a tribute to everyone's heroes, whether famed, fabled, friend or family.

I'm addicted to cameras and the way the mechanical eye can capture the smallest snatch of time ever-faithfully, and subsequently has the power to move an emotional tide. I incorporate collage materials such as digital inkjet prints, acrylic paint, paper, clay, found objects, board and lights. These are layered, sculpted, rendered, satisfying my impulse to create new and arresting shadows, textures and scenes. The colors I use come from art of all kinds, fantasy, instinct, emotion, and nature.