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My astounding Design III class from Spring of 2011. (L-R) Me, Daniela, Jessica, Jaime, Francesca, Darren, Hillary, Rachel, Sagette, Karly, Kenneth.



Undergraduate Instruction

Currently I am a full-time lecturer at the University of Miami. I teach Introduction to Electronic Media and graphic design in the College of Arts & Sciences, within the Department of Art and Art History. I have 15 contact hours per week in the studio and spend weekly time advising and interacting with independent study students. I also help with internship and job placement for both current students and alumni.

In this section of the site you can view examples of my teaching materials and students' work.



Over the years I've had a lot of them, many of the images they've made in my classes have found their way into my helpful "Greatest Hits" student project references. I have attempted to keep track of who created what over the years, but I regret that I was unable to attribute each piece to it's author. At the right is a list of student/alumni contributors to some of the images seen on this site.

Dear students, both past and present: Please let me know if I've made any errors. I enjoy hearing from alumni who are out there in the world. If you'd like me to add a link to your name at right, email it to me. Thank you for contributing to this portfolio and I wish you all well!

Students Then & Now

Leah Adams
Liz Agans
Jasim Al Jazzaf
Leah Andritsch
Daniel Arroyo
Maria Baretto
Simone Berger
Ashley Bahamon
Alyssa Bernstein
Kevin Berriz
Claudia Borges
Rhett Bradbury
Eric Brown
Ashely Brozic
Guillermo Bueno
Alberto Camino
Rudy Castillo
Nicole Cassinera
Kelly Clifford

Stephanie Claudino-Daffara
Nicole Collazo
Stacey Coone
Jenna Conte
Jessica Cordero
AC Cotoulas
Ivana Cruz
Kevin Curtis
Brent Fairburn
Greg Feldman
Ally Findiess
Kayla Dittrich
Danielé Gabriel
Kenneth Garcia
Melissa Diaz
Tyler House
Erin Evon
Karim Fahim
Adele Fan
Jaime Feit

Kate Festa
Lilian Filio
Laure Gallisard
Sarbani Ghosh
Francesca Giordano
Catherine Johns
Stephen Levy
Min Lu
Thamsie Maluzo
Autumn Miller
Misha Mayeur
Rafaella Medieros
Carlos Mella
Sandra Montalvo
Dan Morales
Juan Carlos Moreno
Hillary Motolla
Jessica Murciano
Nicolette Neves
Madeline Nieman
Hormazd Norwhjee
Erini Nutsugah
Janet O'Briien

Ryab Ondreisek
Jessica Paige
Darren Price
Katherine Quinn
Sandro Rastelli
J. Richardson
Stephanie Rivas
Valeria Rocchicciolli
Ellen Rosenberg
Matthew Schooley
Rachel Sacks
Nicole Severi
David Simmons
Lauren Shepherd
Joshua Sleicher-MacCracken
Jessica Stahl
Daniela Suarez
Ashley Testa
Jeremy Taylor
Kellen Trowbridge

Sagette VanEmbden
Kristen VilaVargas
Alexandra White
Taylor White
Mariola Yersel
Zhu Zhe