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At right is a drawing done for me my Mr. Maurice Sendak in 1974 when I had the amazing honor of visiting his studio and eating an apple he picked for me from his orchard. He's my Wild Thing.

Children's books inspired me first

I have been illustrating ever since I can remember. And I've looked at illustrations for as long as I can remember, too. I read a lot of books growing up; books have revolved importantly throughout my life in various ways– the illustrations inside them have influenced me and inspired me, and still do. This guy at the right has been my pal since age four when he was drawn for me as I dribbled apple juice droplets onto him. But that's another story, told and untold I suppose. In elementary school, the other kids always asked me to draw their horses for them during art. In college, I began getting paid gigs as an illutstrator and I haven't stopped since. The work in this portfolio touches a chronology of many years.

Lately I've been doing some digital compilations which almost always incorporate tactile or physical looking elements. I've also republished many of the drawings that had gone out of print when the book industry was upturned by digitzation, e-readers and print on demand. The freshest new projects I've done of late are in the book cover illustrations in the Books section.