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At right are some of the books that I have worked on over the years, incorporating illustration, editing, graphic design and production. See Selected Booklist above for details.


I have always loved books, and that is not a cliché or a light statement when it comes from me. I'll tell you why.

I am old-school in the sense that I was literally “born in publishing” in the 1970s with a poet/author/editor/small press publisher father and a mother who was the glue that held it all together. The 1970s are sometimes thought of as being a Renaissance in American children’s and poetry books. The summer of love was ending, and as a toddler, my parents gave me an appliance box for my own creative office space in the shipping area of their publishing company. Book art and design have always filled my family's world, and are my inspirational, magical mainstay.

Some of the items in this portfolio are now out of print, but they are all available through used re-sellers or you can contact me directly for a copy.



If you are an author or artist interested in self-publishing your project ranging from small to large, I am available for art direction and advisement. I can assist with the following services:

• Illustration

• Graphic Design

• Print Production, registry & publication (including POD)

• Manuscript and editorial advisement